Embarking on the route to better mental health and interpersonal relationships is a positive step, but it can be daunting. At the Center for CBT, our goal is to make our clients as comfortable as possible throughout their therapy journey, even before they enter our offices for the first time. To help ease the transition into our practice, we present a clear description of our policies and procedures to all potential clients.


The initial session and diagnostic evaluation

  • The first session includes an evaluation of the client’s needs
  • Evaluation allows us to offer our first tentative outline of our treatment plan, should therapy be recommended
  • The client considers treatment proposal and comfort level with our clinicians; therapy is a commitment, so choosing a therapist is an important decision
  • The client is encouraged to ask any questions and voice any concerns as they arise

Subsequent sessions

  • Therapy sessions generally take place once weekly for 45 minutes at a time; some sessions may be longer or more frequent
  • Once an appointment is scheduled, clients are required to pay session fees unless a cancellation is made and confirmed 24 hours in advance of the appointment

Between sessions

  • If you find it necessary to contact your therapist outside of session time, please leave a detailed message (including contact information) on your therapist’s voicemail and allow 24 hours for a response


  • Payment is required at the time of service
  • Checks may be made out to The Center for CBT; we accept most major credit cards
  • Though we do not participate with any insurance companies,you may request receipts and diagnostic codes to submit your insurance company to claim out-of-network reimbursement; some companies may compensate up to 80% of charge
  • Other professional services are subject to additional charge
  • Please contact The Center for CBT for our full fee schedule