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January 23, 2017
On Being Mindful
March 22, 2017


Are you perfect?

Of course not.
After all, no one is perfect and, try as we might, we all have flaws and weaknesses.

For some of our clients, however, the quest for perfection is a reality of their daily life.

Whether they want to be the perfect parent, perfect student or perfect employee, perfection is a goal that alludes; and often drives them to frustration, depression and self-hate.

This month we’ve shared with you a collection of resources meant to help clients who present with perfectionistic tendencies.

Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Perfectionism

This highly recommended book is a great guide to treating clients with perfectionistic thinking patterns.



Centre for Clinical Interventions Resource

Sharing this resource with a client can help them better understand what perfectionism is and how to recognize when and how it interferes with their daily functioning.





The University of British Columbia Perfectionism Scales

This list of perfectionism measurement tools is helpful if you’d like to asses the level of perfectionism of a particular client.

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